Seasonal Hiring W’s

With summer coming to a close and the holiday season not far around the corner, seasonal hiring is on the rise.

Heather Mayfield, vice president of Training and Operations for Snelling Staffing Services, tells us the who, what, where, when and why of seasonal hiring.

WHO is hiring temporary staff members?

“This is happening more and more at all levels of the organization: Human Resources, department heads as well as the assistants to department heads. While the order placer can be virtually anyone within an organization needing an additional hand, we are finding the industries are varied as well. It can be the traditional receptionist position to cover for vacation or maternity leave or it can be a programmer with very specific experience that is needed for just a few days or hours to automate a process saving the company thousands of dollars.

Manufacturing is one area that has a high usage of contingent staff. We have clients where our Snelling field employees represent 70-90 percent of the workforce in the manufactuing facility. The use of a contingent staff allows them to flex with the demand of the season or sales environment.”

WHAT are employers looking for temporary staff employees?

“Reliability, flexibility and applicable experience to complete the work that they need to have done in a timely and cost-effective manner are the key things that most employers are seeking in a temporary staff member.”

WHEN is a good time to hire temporary staff members?

“This usually falls into one of two categories. Either the client is looking for consistent performance that can free up or supplement their permanent staff, or they are looking to hire a skill set that doesn’t exist within their current staff, and in many situations does not make sense to employ on a full-time basis.

As we continue in the employee driven market of today, we will find more and more companies relying on temporary staff because it is the only way for them to secure the skill sets that they need. For example, many nurses are choosing to work contract (or temporary), finding that they can negotiate a higher hourly pay rate and commit to specific hours that meet their work/life balance needs.”

WHERE to look for temporary jobs?

“A professional staffing agency is the best place to find temporary positions.”

WHY does it make sense to hire temporary staff?

“Often a company needs a specific skill set for a very limited time or needs additional people resources to cover an unexpected work load increase. By hiring a temporary employee, the company can secure the appropriate skill set to be used just for the duration of the need.

Employees like to utilize all the skills that they can offer in the workplace and be paid accordingly – temporary employment allows this for client companies and temporaries alike.”